Once Upon A Time....

Keep It Moving Theatre is a company founded by actress Maroussia Vladi and writer Cecile Roy in Paris in the Autumn of 2014. Maroussia had just survived her insane crossing of the Pyrenees mountains, an epic journey that spanned over 1000km in the wilderness. Many an adventure took place during those trying fifty-eight days, and it was whilst drinking a tea on one of those typical Parisian terrace cafés when Cecile Roy, Maroussia’s collegue at École Jacques Lécoq (the international school of physical theatre) suggested that these adventures would make for a great theatrical tale. Unlike most tea break conversations, Cecile and Maroussia didn’t leave this idea by the wayside. It took them two years of improvising, writing, rehearsing and staging, to finally get the show on the road. But get it on the road they did. The play was called “Les Rhinoceros Ne Sont Pas Encore Mort” and, with this friendly monster, Keep It Moving Theatre was born. The name originated from Maroussia’s incessant chanting of this phrase in the mountains when the weather was horrid and the path unclear. The company was granted a season at the prestigious Espace Beaujon in Paris. The French production, a magical fable of what nature may resemble in the future, featured an original musical score written by the multi-talented musician and song writer Robinson Senpauroca, and starred, naturally, Maroussia Vladi who depicted three different women each harbouring a unique relationships to ‘The Mountains’ throughout the course of a one woman show. After its Paris season, “Les Rhinoceros Ne Sont Pas Encore Mort” went on to tour around France, where the Rhino’s story proved a memorable success.

Now it’s Vladi’s turn to take pen to paper. Written in English, a fresh new narrative is a-coming to the legendary city of London. Keep It Moving Theatre has stayed true to its name, directed by New York director Andrew Hurst, music written and assembled by France’s Monsieur Senpauroca, and written and interpreted by Russian/Australian Miss Vladi … Keep It Moving has all corners of the earth covered. 

So, come and see the latest story told by people that have been places.