Lorelei has spent the last two years of her life with Nigel. But something is missing …

So today Lorelei has written herself one of those ‘lists’:




Sex – scarce, unsatisfying

No foreplay EVER

We don’t talk

We don’t go out

He doesn’t hug or caress me

He never compliments me

He doesn’t invite me to see his friends, nor family

We don’t laugh

We don’t joke

We don’t play

He just sits there at his computer … endlessly

We don’t eat together

It’s like he doesn’t need me

He doesn’t yearn for me …


How much have you been willing to sacrifice for sake of ‘comfort’ and ‘security’ in your life? In modern day have these two concepts come to over-rule your want for ‘passion’?

Lorelei can write as many lists as she likes … but what will she DO?

Directed by Andrew Hurst, Keep It Moving Theatre presents a new, romantic comedy in the form of a one woman play that explores our human propensity to search for validation from the world around us for the rational decisions we’ve made …while our insides tear in two.

But then again, who’s ever going to be truly happy? We may at least be comfortable.

Tuesday 12th February – Saturday 2nd March 2019
Tuesday – Saturday 8.30pm
Wednesday 20th February, Saturday & Sunday matinees 1.00pm

Ticket Price: Adult £14.50, Concession £12.50